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Let me tell you a little more about AccuraHealth.  A small business born from Accuratus – the 7 eleven for small businesses. In a similar vein AccuraHealth helps clients with a range of business solutions to confidently grow their business and navigate the compliance world.

Interestingly, Accura is derived from the Latin ‘acu’ meaning ‘done with precision’ and this is so true of the AccuraHealth team – we love detail and data, and we are compliance nerds that genuinely get joy out of helping our clients build successful businesses in the broad health sector.  We work with clients that want to grow their business or create something novel whilst ensuring quality care and solutions for the community. 

As a business owner there are so many things to juggle and learn – it’s almost impossible to be a master of it all, and getting it wrong can lead to poor business outcomes, reputation damage, penalties or loss of license to practice, let alone the very real potential to negatively impact patient care.  Many clients feel there are never-ending compliance, legislative and quality standards that they struggle to navigate, although they must adhere to all these when growing a business to protect themselves and the people of our community.  AccuraHealth works by the client’s side to help navigate the labyrinth of requirements, along the business journey or for a project brief.  We like to break down the jargon into something tangible. We are curious, professional, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.  

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Welcome to AccuraHealth

An easy going team supporting business within the health sector such as pre-hospital, hospital, aged care, pharmacy, pharmaceuticals, wellness centers, mental health, and drug and alcohol facilities, to analyse, innovate and implement.

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